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Golden Kamuy, Vol. 13

Golden Kamuy, Vol. 13
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  • From the Golden Kamuy Series

  • Publisher: Viz Media

  • Author: Satoru Noda

  • Format: Paperback

  • Language: English



Sugimoto and Asirpa reach Lake Kussharo near Abashiri prison at last! The time has come to put all their plans to break into the prison and meet Noppera-bo into action. Their nemesis, Lieutenant Tsurumi, as always, is one step ahead and has his own agents inside Abashiri. Tsurumi himself is on the way, with a contingent of troops and a gunboat to back him up! But if anyone can survive being surrounded by enemies and still keep Asirpa safe in this deadly conflict it
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Additional Information

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Series Golden Kamuy